LED Wallpaper

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Perhaps futuristic isn’t the right word since this LED wallpaper exists now but designing it was certainly a leap ahead. Ingo Maurer of the German design firm Architects-Paper created these examples of LED wallpaper which might very well turn the nightlight into a thing of the past.

Hundreds of small colored LED(light emitting diode) lights are powered by a low voltage source to produce stunning bedroom decor results. There is no word yet on production or sale of the design outside Germany but if there is demand that will surely change soon.

What I like most about the use of LED’s in wallpaper is that the possible design ideas by mixing and matching light colors and traditional patterns are limitless. Fun for the kids room these designs will require fire safety testing as well as traditional lighting industry testing so expect the cost to be higher than traditional wallpaper.

Still, the boundary between technology and… wallpaper has been crossed earning Ingo a 2012 interior innovation design award. Visit architects-paper.com for updates.

More Photos of Futuristic LED Wallpaper

Futuristic LED Wallpaper

Light Emitting Led Wallpaper