Interior Decorating Trends 2013

Exposed Beam Ceiling Kitchen

Understanding home decorating trends in 2013 requires knowledge of the world we live in. Wall street is predicting growth, analysts are seeing strong signs of recovery in the job markets and the president of the United States will have just started a new four year term. In a nutshell that means there is a good chance that the middle class is also living better with more disposable income but don’t expect anyone to have forgotten the hard times they just struggled through.

Interior decorating is no longer technology driven. In the 1940′s and 1950′s technology played a large role in the design ideas of modern homes, the radio for example was the centerpiece of weekend entertainment and the whole family gathered around for a good show. Radios were often big and bulky and were the centerpiece of any avant garde living room.

Today technology has been refined to the point that even the biggest of investments is likely slim and can be tucked out of sight or hung on the wall. Other design components can thus become the focal point of interior design trends.

Low cost and highly stylized decor features in a home are sought after in 2013 leading to a greater appreciation of features such as exposed wooden beams, stone flooring, marble tops and textured walls. Creature comforts that make a home unique may also see expanded inclusion of artwork, statues and antique tables.

Down to earth motifs featuring bamboo, shells, stained glass and stone-framed elements are more likely to be trending upwards in terms of use. Conversely plastics and other artificial materials are less likely to be incorporated into home decor designs.

Bedroom With Textured Wall and Recessed Lighting

French and renaissance themes are always highly coveted when money is less of an impacting factor on the overall design. French doors to the bedroom or patio are popular 2013 home decor trends, as are prints by great artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet. Flowers and floral patterns are popular so long as the design is not heavy or overbearing.

To sum up 2013 interior decorating trends focus on long term value, warmth and a return to more formal times. Home owners with more disposable income, having learned how to be patient and wait, will want top value for their hard earned money and will be less likely to settle on less than ideal surroundings. Moving forward don’t expect advertising to be able to sway minds as easily as it once did, technology is bombarding everyone with home decor products and the shell shock effect will have shifted from sticker shock to advertising blindness.

Realtors utilize home prepping professionals to help new home buyers visualize their surroundings and this will continue to be an increasingly popular trend in 2013, even by people who already own a home. Take it from me, as someone who remodels kitchens for a living, that interior decorating is shifting from a “where can I save the most money” attitude into a “what will I love in this area” mentality right now. Increased means makes for increased expectations and real long term value and comfort, 2013 is looking bright.