Moroccan Decor And Furniture Ideas

Moroccan Pottery

When I think about Moroccan interior design concepts I am filled with decorating ideas and I’d like to share some tips with you today. Traditional Moroccan furniture is rich in texture and full of warm colors ideal for the bedroom and living room, in areas of your home you’ll want to lounge in and relax. The following is a list Moroccan decor ideas inspired by a passion for decorating and a love of Morocco.

Moroccan Bedding is typically a patchwork fabric throws with dark red, warm green and a touch of pink are in style. Next to the bed you may find a comfortable Moroccan pouf beside colorful hand crafted side tables.

Moroccan bedrooms are likely to have lantern style hanging lamps and mirrors to reflect the warm glow they provide. Tile floor covered in lavish rugs combined with ceramic art and more pillows that you can expect to need are also key in a Moroccan themed bedroom.

Warm fabric continues to be a focal point in a Moroccan living room, the curtains and pillows give way to cushions but the feel is much the same is in the bedroom. Light fixtures of the chandelier variety with dark colored lamps are popular in Morocco and instead of a couch you might consider a cozy lounge bench instead.

Moroccan Living Room

My home decorating business allows me to hear about which focal points of Moroccan architecture customers find most desirable. Surprisingly the human factor is more important than the building it is found in. e.g. choice of music, and choice of tea, are more important than choice of Moorish doors!

That might sound strange but the ambiance is set by the smells and sounds as much as anything else. I recommend mint tea in Moroccan ceramics, perhaps an ottoman but not too much else is needed besides plenty of carpets with room to dance. Morocco is a wonderful place to travel but it’s also an exciting way of life.

Moroccan Decor

Replace the coffee table with a round brass tray table and strategically position a wrought iron screen divider between living room and dining area for optimal ambiance. You’re almost ready to throw a Moroccan themed party at this point.