Stair Balustrade

Stair Balustrade Railing

Turn a trivial staircase into the centerpiece of a room by paying attention to stair balustrade design. The first impression a room exudes is based on an aggregate of all of its design components and simple stair balustrade ideas can help make a solid first impression in your comfortable living room or hallway.

Stairs are an oft overlooked focal point, a central hub if you will, but they do not always receive the special care and attention they deserve during a home remodel. The staircase is very visible so you need to incorporate them in your design plans, create a trend that is sure to spread to your friends. Custom stair balustrade designs are likely more affordable than you might expect.

Classic staircases with elegant curves and contemporary designs with geometric lines are available depending on your tastes and will enhance the decor of your home wonderfully. Create a unique sense of style using quality timber for example and you may find yourself renowned amongst your friends.

Start off by looking at pictures of staircases and keep an open mind because the look you prefer won’t necessarily be in the home design you envision, it might be wrong in its current setting but oh so right in yours. Consider things like style of home and think of the possibilities, dare I even say dream just a little bit.

Stair Balustrade

Next begin asking for quotations to see if your dream stairs are within your budget and remember to consider the quality of a staircase and not just the price. Different manufacturers produce varying degrees of quality vs affordability and its important to pay attention to material type and ease of installation, costs will vary greatly when comparing dissimilar stair balustrade. Also, consider designs that have been pre-assembled in a workshop since these will have the highest level of quality checking built in.

Lastly be sure to head out to the showrooms of as many local builders as you can because there is no better way to gauge quality than to feel it first hand. Do the railings feel solid? Is the base going to stand the rigors of time? Is there anything about the look you like more in the pictures but not so much in person? Investing in a new staircase is an investment in your family and is likely to remain a permanent stair railing while other house decor trends will change. Opt for a timeless look if you can find one you love.

A variety of building materials are available to choose from ranging from custom timber balustrades to wrought iron and even glass panels. An experienced home renovator can guide you through the advances in technology and make your balustrade work for your home. Other considerations include handrails for stairs and stair parts, such as bracket kits, that are available in an even wider variety of materials and trends. Mix and match them in your mind even if you do not see them in the showroom, a quality building supply store will be willing to work with you to get the perfect staircase.