Glass Balustrade Staircase Solutions by Ultraglas

Glass Balustrade Solution

Modern interior decorating requires cutting edge materials rich in design features utilizing unique installation techniques and I love the glass balustrade alternative system to traditional stainless steel balusters conceived by Ultraglas.

A spiral staircase with handrails is an opportunity to add modern touches to your home by opting into one of the many architectural glass balustrade staircase solutions currently available. Ultraglas glass balustrade and handrail systems do not require drilling, are easy to install and maintain and provide what the home owner is looking for, value with a touch of awesome.

I enjoy the staircase solution below because it blends glass design with wood structure really well. I’m not a huge fan of geometric shapes on the wall, or with the reddish color of the wood trim, but overall I think the appearance is very modern and charming while remaining strong and warm. See other Ultraglas glass balustrade designs here. My old timber handrails could be replaced with specialist glasswork and a patented Ultraswirl texture I think, could yours?

Ultraglas Glass Balustrade