10 Exciting Designer Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Ideas

There is an idea that I am excited about in all ten of these bedroom design pictures. The image above for example, who says that a bedroom table much have legs? I don’t know about you but with a cozy floor rug like that one I’d prefer to lay in the shag to eat my breakfast or do my homework. I also like the idea of being able to step over the bedroom table instead of having to walk around it.

Other design concepts I find fun below include a brick column that can hold a table lamp or statue, a storage compartment that tucks into the foot of the bed and camouflage bedding that extends into the paint surrounding the bed.

Fully themed bedrooms might benefit from an artistic mural, blankets and throw pillows can be placed around the bed and not just on it and who says the chandelier or large painting has to be in the dining room and living room respectively, they both look great in the right bedroom to me. Can you spot the exciting bedroom design ideas in the pictures below?

Bedroom Ideas 01

Bedroom Ideas 02

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