Decorate Your Home With Art

Home Decorating Project Horse Artwork

Art is all around your home in places that you cannot see and I’d like to show you one simple way to decorate your house in a personalized manner using these items. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to make the great impression you desire to purvey but it does take some outside the box ideas sometimes.

Your photo album is one such excellent source of home decoration with art and I don’t mean the traditional framed picture on the mantle or family portrait above the dining room table, I mean you can turn your pictures into real pieces of modern art, think bigger.

In a few simple steps you can turn a cherished picture into a much larger print at any reputable photo studio and you’ve likely already taken a picture or three over the years that would make a perfect candidate, take a look through your scrap book right now.

Let me share some tips with you about picking the perfect picture to convert into an ideal piece of artwork for your home. For starters look for, or take, a picture that is timeless. If the photo depicts a moment shared with a friend or a silly moment captured on film it’s less likely to mean as much to others than perhaps a picture of a rose you grew yourself.

Locations make great home decorating candidates especially if you can capture their appeal in a way that is slightly unique and reflective of your own personal taste and style. A closeup of a frog making a splash into the pond would look great in a bathroom or pool setting and a butterfly landing on the spout of a kettle would make a lovely example of kitchen art.

Enlarge Your Photos Art

Keeping the image simple in subject but vibrant in color definition is also a great way to choose the image you want to have expanded although color is optional. Black and white photographs make impressive statements in the study.

High definition photographs are ideal because dull or out of focus portions will be amplified during enlargement. That doesn’t have to be a negative trait, slightly blurry around the edges might help draw the eye to the focus of the artwork, but in general try and pick sharp images for best results.

Plan a theme and physically take the image to the location you’d like to have an enlarged version hung on the wall and try to picture what the results might look like. Do the colors match your goal? Does the subject fit nicely with the house theme and decor? Does the image speak to you every time you see it? Think long term here, you’ve got to love the picture yourself if you’d like others to admire it too.

Tip: Photographs make great art to use in home decor but I love the idea of using paints if you’re artistically inclined. You can always hire a professional to create a painted mural from your photos if you don’t feel up to the challenge. Using your own art is a clever way of making a specialized statement while not spending thousands on artistic creations. Keep that in mind when you get an urge for a touch of fancy in your home. I hope I’ve peaked your creative instincts just a little, now go get your photo album!