DIY Pergola Curtains In 3 Easy Steps

Pergola Curtains

Pergola Curtains

This fun, simple and extremely useful guide for creating pergola curtains in 3 simple steps is a creation by Meredith from Lubbock Texas and it will transform your deck or patio into a lovely and more useable living space.

Depending on time of day you can close one or more of the curtains to block direct sunlight and, according to Meredith, lower the ambient temperature by up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

The cost? Under $100, who says they can’t be frugal and beautiful!

Step 1 – Inspiration and design

Pergola Curtains

Meridith recommends browsing various sources of images such as Google and Pinterest to figure out what type of pergola curtains you’ll like most. Once you’ve hand picked a few ideas the project can move onto the materials phase where you can research what is available locally, and for what price.

Don’t forget about your local hardware store! Though you might not find a large selection of curtain materials you will find materials that can become curtains, like the burlap chosen for this particular project.

Step 2 – Set your budget and buy the materials

Meredith managed to pick up 22 yards of burlap for under $50 by using a store coupon and the remaining parts cost under $50 which is a far cry from the $500+ even a moderately price patio umbrella system would cost.

Besides burlap, or the material of your choice, you will need a few rolls of thick coarse thread, several packages of extra large eyelets (loops), hooks and some washers. This is what you are going to create.

Pergola Panel Design

Step 3 – Installation

Since your pergola will not be the same size as the neighbors the measurements will be unique to your application but the following is a guide so that you understand the basic idea.

- Panels: cut each individual panel of burlap so that it is roughly 7-8 inches longer than the space you will be using it in. The extra length is required so that you can hem 2.5 inches at the top and bottom for the eyeloops(hangars) and washers(weights at the bottom) as well as some extra height to reach the hooks.

- Mounting: When you have finished sewing the eyeloops and weights(washers) into each panel place the panel in its desired location so that the bottom touches the ground. Open the curtain as wide as you can and using a pencil mark a small circle where the eyeloops touch your pergola.

This will be where the hooks attach to your pergola. Don’t worry about the material touching the ground, you can keep the bottom off the ground when not in use by simply tying each panel back with a decorative sash(or strip of burlap).

- Important: each panel must be measured and cut for a specific section of your pergola because the ground may not be level and so lengths may vary slightly from one side to the other. Enjoy the results. Image credit: Sweet Tea Sunsets.

Pergola Curtain Bow