Kitchen Corner Sink Unit

Corner Sink Unit

Layout conscious kitchen designs traditionally feature a straight or center mounted kitchen sink in part because it maximizes upon available functional space. The corner of any counter top is often an after thought where a coffee maker or toaster or microwave oven ends up, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take a look at these attractive stainless steel and ceramic kitchen corner sink units as an example and notice that they are indeed very functional, and attractive.

Having installed many a kitchen cabinet I can tell you that what sits in the middle of the longest counter in your kitchen is almost always the sink. That is by design in part because a sink requires plumbing, drainage, water and proximity to everything to be convenient.

Kitchen design has come a long way and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a corner sink to anyone who loves to cook, think about it… shouldn’t your stove or grill and open counter space be front and center?

Blanco, a German design company, is aware of the viability of corner units and has designed the 10/18 stainless steel, ceramic and patented SILGRANIT┬« and PuraDur┬« colored corner sinks you see here, beautiful aren’t they?

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