Colored Kitchen Appliance Prints

Marilyn Monroe Fridge

Stray from a bland kitchen and your risk creating a culinary delight that you can feast your eyes on, before you even begin to cook! It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is bronze, green, copper or cream in color Coolors has created a colored kitchen appliance trend just for you. Black, blue and red kitchen appliances look so good you’ll probably want colored kitchen sinks and colored kitchen cabinets to match your colored refrigerators. Colored kitchen utensils anyone?

All kidding aside Coolors can turn any standard appliance into a colored kitchen appliance, it’s what they do. From red Kitchenaid appliances to Jenn Aire ovens Coolors has colorful ideas on them all. My personal favorites are the 2010 Marilyn Monroe signature fridge and the rose refrigerator.

I think they would look perfect in a bachelor pad or student condo, they are sure to help keep both the imagination and the conversation flowing. Let Coolors use their silk screening process to turn your kitchen decor into a work of art!

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