EcoScape Shower Tray Base

Shower Tray Base

The EcoScape shower tray feels and performs much like the base of a shallow rocky stream would with small randomly shaped pebbles embedded in its design. Featuring contemporary and modern Italian design elements the EcoScape shower base is available for sale with a textured or chrome cover and stainless steel drain hardware.

This shower tray is designed to be a stand-alone base or as the focal point of a larger tile base, the choice is yours. EcoScape shower tray installation is straight forward and you’ll soon feel the water swirling between your toes as it flows around each small ridge creating waves and ripples.

The EcoScape shower tray can be mounted flush with your floor or built onto a raised shower base. Available colors include black, orange, red, white, blue and green.

EcoScape Shower Tray Bases

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