A-cero Architects Unveil SotoGrande Home

Sotogrande Home

Architects from A-cero decided white was to be the main focus of all home decor in order to provide clarity to all interior areas. A relaxing atmosphere was the desired effect and I think they succeeded in spectacular form.

The swimming pool and expansive recreation areas are perfect for celebration or social events. The furniture was also designed by A-cero and it includes modern pieces in white and beige as well as woods. Dark wood breaks the white color in some areas but it wasn’t overly done and the result is excellent.

The owners have given the home a style of its own with home decor goodies that include a Piet Hein lamp and the chair set in the games room. This is a very functional house and I’m hard pressed to find something I dislike this time around, besides the fact that I don’t own it.

My favorite feature hands down is the use of roof space, pure awesome.

Photos of the Sotogrande Home

Roof Of The Sotogrande Home

Sotogrande At Night

Sotogrande Bathroom

Sotogrande Bedroom

Sotogrande Deck

Sotogrande Living Room 2

Sotogrande Living Room

Sotogrande Staircase