Yamamori Architect Beach House

Beach House Lake View

This is the Yamamori Architect beach house design located in Shima-city, Mie prefecture, Japan. Fishing boats return home from the ocean at the other end of the bay and the contrast between the ocean view and surrounding trees is inspiring. the beach house was designed for a client that will not live there but who needs to come and enjoy the water occasionally so it was built with that in mind, less home, more beach house.

Yamamori Architect team was presented with several difficulties on the project including a path that runs between the parking area and the home as well as the public road just beyond that. To overcome these design considerations a floating platform was built around the front and sides of the property at a level that matches the top of the wall and gate surrounding the parking area.

From the front of the beach house the appearance flows together more smoothly as a result, even if the stairs look like they lead into a wall. Overall I like what Yamamori has done within the confines of preexisting design challenges. The bare cement walls inside the house are not for everyone, they give off a coldness in both look and design, but as a non live-in beach house it serves it’s purpose exceptionally well.

More Photos of the Yamamori Architect Beach House

2nd Floor Beach House View

Angular Beach House

Beach House Design

Beach House Kitchen

Beach House Kitchen And Deck

Beach House Parking

Beach House Table

Beach House View